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We support the world’s best translators with advanced quality assurance processes. And that’s not all. we provide a free comprehensive translation review if you happen to be unsatisfied.

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Do you have Sworn Translation Service?

Yes, we have

When you translate official documents, can the documents be certified by notary?


Do you only make written translations?

No. We do both written translations and Interpreting.

Do you have other written translation options than the official document translations?

Yes, in addition to official document translations, we translate all kinds of documents such as academic, legal and technical texts, researches and dissertations, news and articles, web sites etc

Do you make use of the technology for translations?

Yes. We use a variety of translation programs that provide services such as integrity in translation, detection of typos, and reducing the time spent for translations.

Is it possible to get the documents which was translated by your company free of charge even after a long time?

Sure. We have a system that archives all translations made by our company for 5 years. Our customers have the right to demand the translations once made for them free of charge.

Do you check your translations?

Yes. Our editors are checking the written documents which are translated by our translators.

Do your translators have the authority to translate in Public Institutions?

Yes. All of our interpreters are sworn translators and they have the authority to translate in Public Institutions such as Notary Offices and Courthouses.

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