Experience in the Industry

Lugat Center for Translation was established in 2014 in response to the urgent need for a link to break the language barrier between the foreign peoples and Turkey. Since its establishment, the center has endeavored to cover all aspects and processes that may stand in the way of the foreigner in the business market in Turkey, or study, as well as translations of government transactions, reaching to the tourist trips in Turkey to make them more fun and less complex by removing the language barrier. Since the establishment of the center, it has taken upon itself to build good reputation and mutual trust between it and its customers by working to provide the best services for reasonable prices and guaranteeing high quality. Today, Lugat Center is proud to be the reliable entity of thousands of customers, as well as dozens of partner companies and institutions, and this is the product of years of work with honesty and high quality that has earned the trust of our customers, which is a source of happiness for us today and driving us to more success and continuous development.

Mohammad Aktaa – CEO

Our Values

Specialization we know the importance of specialization in our field and its impact on the quality of services in general, so we always make sure to attract the specialized competencies of the holders of higher degrees, and approved by the government, and focus on several services within our specialization and expertise to produce a final product with high quality.

Professionalism over the past many years, we have gained extensive experience, reached the level of professionalism in the work, to overcome these traditional work methods, and move to creativity, flexibility and ease of communication with our customers as well as speed in providing the best services, through our system and the adoption of the latest technology and tools within our offices.

Quality we provide, Lugat Center, the highest level of services. We are responsible for maintaining the translation privacy, gaining the trust of our customers and strengthening our position as a leading translation service center, and for this our services go through several stages before the arrival to the audit and provide them in the best way.

“Lugatcenter is an international organization with experienced and professional translators.
We translate documents with high accuracy and proficiency.
We specialize in translating immigration, business, and legal documents as well as websites, books, transcripts, passports, and more.”

Mohammad Aktaa