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Lügat Translation Center was established in 2014 to the urgent need for a link to break the language barrier for foreigners in Turkey

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Our Professional Translators are Native Speakers

In order for us to live up to our promise of an outstanding service, each job is assigned to linguists with specializations in various languages who work for our company.

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Experts in the world languages
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Turkish 100%
Arabic 100%
English 100%
Persian 100%
Ottoman 100%
Russian 100%
French 100%
Kurdish 100%

Our Customers Feedback

“I want to thank Lugat Translation Center for the special services and advice which is make my business easy, saving my money and time.”

Halid Diyarbakırlı

CEO- Anatouria tourism

“When we talking about translation, specially the urgently one, Lugat is the best place which we can give our work and documents with completely trust.”

Kürşat Çakmak

CEO- Brand Galata Reklam Ajansı

“Lugat is the best translation center I deal with, one of the most respectful companies with a very professional staff.make their client satisfy is the highest priority even more than profits.”

Bassam Alfawal

CEO- 5 Stars

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